Beacon Land Development

Beacon Land Development presents over 50 years of experience at some of the world’s finest private clubs, real estate developments, and resorts. Beacon understands that time is life’s most treasured commodity. The company is founded on inspiring people to pause, enjoy the curated experience and for them to create their own memories and story. Beacon is the backdrop. The motivation is members, their families, and through them a collective legacy materializes.

Beyond the diverse scope of capabilities, at the core, Beacon believes that members and families are the hallmarks of clubs and communities.  As a developer, the mission is to create special places where life happens. As operators, Beacon provides families with the most unique amenities and adventures to deliver unforgettable times and generational experiences.

From renderings to reality, Beacon has developed and operated some of North America’s most distinctive properties. They provide partners, members and property owners a complete suite of services from real estate development to resort operations and golf management with the absolute highest standards of hospitality. As an award-winning developer, Beacon delivers the most exceptional and luxurious lifestyle with nontraditional amenity programming. In 2015, Beacon’s Bluejack National was recognized as Golf Inc.’s Development of the Year.

Beacon Land Development was founded by Michael Abbott and Casey Paulson, two of the nation’s most valued executives, developers and veteran operators of private clubs and luxury resorts. It is through their complementary blend of expertise that Beacon has established itself among the most innovative development and management companies in the real estate, golf club and resort industries.

We have a responsibility…to the land, to the customer, to our business partners and to the community at large. We have to do this right. Our projects have to be smart. They have to be sustainable. Otherwise, what’s the point?”
Michael AbbottBeacon Land Development